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We are Offering Quality Service

Lahore Medical Lab has always focused on quality in order to earn the trust of patients and doctors.The lab is experienced by pathologists and lab technologists.

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Home Care Service
LML is now offering hospital quality healthcare services in the comfort of your own home.
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Excelling In Care
24-hour skilled nursing care for disease specific treatment and management
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LML provide best care service to patients.
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Radiology Services (X.Ray, Ultrasound, Echo / ETT, ECG, Doppler Study) at LML
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Endoscopy Service is now available at Lahore Medical Lab
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We completely examine the biological tissues in order to observe the appearance of diseased cells in microscopic detail.


Apart from walk-in patients, doctors. hospitals, Government and private institutions, we are also serving as a reference lab for other laboratories of different cities and remote areas Of Pakistan. We are also developing an online collection center of LML across the country.


LML connects different clinics, physicians, hospitals, collection centers and other clients to the main lab situated of 87/ A-2, Ground Floor, Johar Town, Lahore, through a well-managed courier services network. So within no time LML couriers collect samples from different parts of the city and come back to the main lab, In the main lab tests are performed within their specific time. After getting the reports, all the couriers are ready to deliver them to their respective clients. If you want to avail of LML courier services, please feel free to contact us at the LML customer service center 7:00am to 11:00pm  ,7 days a week.

Customer Service Centre Nos.
(92) (042)35167770

•  +92-308-8852353


  1. As Soon as the tests are performed, patient’s reports are available to deliver.
  2. Lab reports are delivered through e-mail or through LML courier services at any time,
  3. Lab reports are also available on LML web page, So you can watch and down load your reports at any time.


  1. Reports are delivered to the authorized person only.
  2. The facility of fax or e-mail of lab reports is only for the patients Consultants.
  3. Legally qualified representative of the patient is authorized to receive lab reports.


All the specimen received by any person of the lab must be labeled as:

  • Patient name
  • Collection date
  • Collection time
  • Test required
  • Receiver name


  • Mostly samples we are stored at refrigerator temperature 2c-8c
  • Room temperature is mandatory for few samples.
  • Frozen temperature storage is mandatory for other samples.


Pack specimens according to the following protocol to avoid extreme,temperature above 35C (95F) or below freezing. Exception to freezing or when the proper method to preserve the specimen is to freeze.

For specimens to be kept between 2 —8 C, place a refrigerator pack in the bottom of the insulated transport box then place several layers of paper towels (6-10)
refrigerator pack. Place the pre- packed specimens in the transport box and close.

For specimens to be kept at less than 0 C(freezing), place a refrigerator pack which is designed to hold the temperature at -10 C(14 F) into a thermo safe mailer (if available). Place pre-packed specimen inside of mailer next to the refrigerator pack. Close and seal pack for transport

For specimen to be kept at room temperature, pre-warm the transport-box to room temperature, place the specimens In the box and close. Avoid any temperature above 35 C (95 F) when transporting specimen, Because deterioration of specimens are accelerated at elevated temperatures.

For whole blood samples, avoid temprature below 0 C (32 F). Freezing would hemolize the specimens.

Transport specimens only in transport box (cooler) or insulated thermo-safe mailer available.

When transporting Specimens from collection site to the main lab, take the most direct route to arrive at the main lab within one hours after departure from collection site.


Transport will be accomplished via vehicles driven by LML employee, who have been trained to receive and transport specimens

  • A log of specimens received will be maintained.
  • A copy of specimens Collection log will accompany specimens being transported.
  • Drivers will assure that specimens are packed to preserve the integrity of all specimens received in accordance with the protocol.


A Specimen is subject to rejection for any of the following reasons.

  • Unlabeled specimens.
  • Mismatched specimen.
  • Specimens collected improperly.
  • incorrect tube(s) used for test(s) ordered
  • incorrect specimen for test (s) ordered (i.e. saliva for sputum specimen, non-sterile urine for culture, refrigerated stool specimen for culture).
  • Gross hemolysis that will effect validity of results.
  • SST tube(s) not centrifuged within allotted time period (30 minutes).
  • Frozen whole blood specimens (unless required).
  • Non-frozen specimens if frozen are required.
  • Quantity not sufficient for test(s) ordered.
  • Clotted specimen(s) received in anticoagulated tube(s).
  • Specimens not received within allotted time frame for valid test results (i.e. ESR, semen analysis, etc)
  • Any specimen that is not collected in accordance with a reference laboratory’s requirement.

The appropriate poison will to be notified when any of the above criteria cause rejection of specimen. A request will be made that a new specimen be submitted for testing. Be sure that the problem is explained.


LML will repeat a test whenever the result does not co-relate with the physician’s judgment, are kindly requested to consult our client service department to request a repeat determination. Please refer to the reference number of the report in question Additionally, at LML all abnormal test results are confirmed by repeating the test in duplicate to ensure its reproducibility and accuracy.


LML has current working relationship with different government institution, private institutions, clinics and hospitals through web based technological services. All the tests are centralized in the head office and reports are sent through fax, e-mail and courier services. Reports can also be retrieved through the web site of LML i e. www.lahoremedicallab.com.

In addition, Zaman Foundation which is a welfare institution known to supported the needy and helpless people as for as their basic needs, health related issues etc. is concerned, has come into a collaboration with Lahore Medical Laboratories.


Hepatitis C has reached epidemic proportion in Pakistan.At LML we are involved in ground breaking research to find cost effective and appropriate treatment modalities for this deadly disease.Additionally LML is collaborating with the leading research lab and institutes in Pakistan and abroad as well.

After long research in collaboration with Lahore Medical Laboratories, Dr. Shamail Zafer Ch. (Physician Gastroenteroloist Associate Professor of Medicine) has successfully collaborating, with some leading National and multinational Pharmaceuticals to find out the cost effective and appropriate. treatment for this deadly disease. And he successfully has done it. We are fortunate to have working relationship with Dr. Shamail Zafar Ch. who is doing his best possible efforts to reduce Hepatitis C by treating the patient successfully.


For the best environmental care, LML has proper waste management system. For this purpose LML has signed a contract with A.T Waste Management Company. A.T Waste Management Company is responsible to lift the biomedical waste of the LML according to guidelines and policy formulated in the shape of rules and procedures. It is the duty of the concerned company to keep proper account of the collection of biomedical waste of LML. It is also their duty to provide one time free training to the staff of LML as well as one nominated person preferably a Doctor to become master trainer. So LML has proud to be the part of those organizations, they are playing a positive role to create the pollution and contaminated free environment.


  1. Quality test results of respected clients with economical charges.
  2. All types of tests facility (blood, urine,sputum,stool,etc) available under one roof.
  3. Free home sample Collection in Lahore.
  4. Emergency,test facility available at LML.
  5. Special discounts for deserving clients.
  6. Test are performed on the world’s best equipment.
  7. Tests are performed under the supervision of qualified Doctors of Pakistan.
  8. Consultants of Pakistan put their confidence on the results of LML.
  9. Branches of LML At National Level.

Marketing Support for our Frenchised Centres

To aware the general public about the commonly spread diseases in the society,, and different ways to protect the human health, LML is conducting the regular awareness campaigns on the public places. Our objective is to motivate the common people about the importance of investigations. For this purpose, during the campaigns, LML offers free testing facility and free check up by the qualified doctor.
LML has a special team for campaigns with the related material. The campaign organizing team consists of a qualified doctor, lab technician and lab assistant. For the information of the residents of the relevant society, banners are displayed three days before the campaign. Banners contain the information about date and time of the campaign. On the set date and time whole team organize the awareness campaign event And provides the health-related information one to one. Dr. checked the patients and advises them related investigations. The lab technician took blood samples of the patients and save the samples in the right vacutainers. This campaign starts at 10:00 AM and finished at 7:00 PM.
At the end of the campaign, all the specimens transported in the main lab through our courier services network. Where tests are performed under the supervision of the experts When all tests performed, lab staff put the results on website. Lab also use courier network to deliver the reports to the patients.